So now what do we do?

After a very informative and hopeful meet with professionals in the estate sale planning arena, we have our seeming swirl of things to do reduced down to more definable tasks.

All the research, pricing, staging, advertising, managing of a sale is removed. Now we must do general cleanup, seriously consider what we want to keep and remove it from the mix and maintain a tidy appearance to the property until the sale. Post sale we committed to the overall cleanup.


The hardest part will be identifying what we want to keep and not allow too much sentimentality to attach to every little thing (or big thing) that mattered to my Aunt. 


2 thoughts on “So now what do we do?

  1. Jennifer Hansen

    Do you think it would help if you made yourself a photo tour of her house as it is now? You could even make a book, with photos on one side and written recollections on the other as they come to you.

    She certainly collected some treasures. Just the look I like myself: opulent but comfortable, solid, and beautifully made.

    1. I think as we remove the final clutter that we keep moving about, the original state, to some degree, will indeed be visible and to be enjoyed. I do want to capture some of this. I have already altered the Den but somewhere back in the blog are pictures of the Den from the early 50’s. Thank you for the suggestion for sure.

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