Stress Relieved……………..


Relief flows over you 
like an ocean breeze, 
cool, refreshing with a lift. 
It brushes away the strife 
your life was clogged with 
that dragged your soul down.

Relief lifts you up 
from the depths 
that have saddened your soul 
making you feel whole again. 
Ridding you of the feelings 
that have slated your life.

Relief now lifts you 
and gone is the emotional turmoil 
that blighted your being. 
Refreshed you feel 
a new wellspring 
in which your life can unfold. 

David Harris

The meeting with the Estate Planner was a much needed breath of fresh air that cleared the mind and lifted the spirits. The infusion of hope and relief was palpable. Hope is renewed and the tired mind feels a bit of renewal.



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