Attachments: Goodbye Ol’ Bench……..

I mentioned this two weeks ago…about the sentimental attachments to things. Not the I might need it or I spent money on it or I could make money on it stuff. No, the I made this 50 years ago thing and used it as a teen and did wonders with it. But, I said I knew the right decision re my homemade weight lifting bench and so it goes into the Bagster and away from my life. Do I feel good about it? Ambivalent right now, as I am about much of life. So a good time to do this. This our home not the Hoarding House.

Bench Goodbye


3 thoughts on “Attachments: Goodbye Ol’ Bench……..

  1. annietiques

    Thanks to your cautionary tale of the busted hot water heater, I decided to check out my “lower level”…….much to my shock it had become a dumping ground for my families unwanted items!!! Seven banker’s boxes of baby clothes, toys, VHS tapes, linens, bedspreads, old computers, etc, etc, etc, As we have on rare occasions had water in the “lower level”, I immediately sprang into action!!! Three loads of “stuff” safely delivered to Goodwill and an unfortunate situation prevented!!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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