Therapeutic: Planting the Seeds

FRont Bed Hoard HouseThis weekend, I took an elevated flower bed in front of the Hoarding House and removed the weeds, the accumulated yard ornaments, burned out yard lights, and dug out four long planted shrub/trees that threatened eventually to breach the brick work. In total, it is about 40 of flower bed cleaned out. I put a couple of new fuchsia pots on two corners and then added top soil the length of the bed.

Then I took a trip back in time and planted four packets of Nasturtiums. I recall these flowers by my parent’s back porch of an old rental house some 60 years ago. I have always liked their colorful, lush unruliness in a garden. In a few weeks the seeds will generate. I will take more pics in a month or so………

The whole process seemed a positive endeavor and will lend a pleasing appearance to the front of the house for people eventually walking into the hoarding house to buy stuff!!!


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