Hoarding Woes: Reconsidering Reality

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Standing in many rooms, of the hoarding house, and perusing the remaining stuff naggingly begs so many questions on what, how, when, who etc. will we get through this mess.

Much like at my mom’s massive hoarding mess, we are past a point of focus and getting it together. We are worn out mentally and physically…the Team dismantled, it appears (also worn out and life demanding their attention), the whole process seems so daunting now. Perceptions becoming reality now…whether they are reality or not…the perceptions are winning out.

So, we have raised that concept once again…should we seek ‘professional’ help to get through this estate sale process? Last night we started reaching out to check the possibilities in that direction. 

It has been an option all along, but the mental gymnastics to get there had seemed unnecessary. Pride, respect for my Aunt in not turning over the process, money lost, control, security all factored into saying we don’t need to turn this over. But now as we stand alone, the realities stand large before us. It is for our tired minds and bodies too much. Were we fresh, strong and clear headed it would be much easier to be optimistic. But, our perceptions have coalesced into a reality that finally comes clear. We do not want to muddle through this and come out on the other end more tired, more injured, more numb than we are now.

The good side of all this is we are alright with this mental progression. We will negotiate what we need to feel involved without thwarting the estate sale planner’s ops.

We will come out on the other end with less monies. This is important because of repairs so needed on the Hoarding House. This is the most practical side of the whole mental equation. But, what is our health (physical or mental) worth? Given how we feel now and the realities of our health, it is worth letting outside help come in and do the heavy mental/physical work. Putting the puzzle pieces together must go to someone else and we have decided start exploring that avenue. As I write this in the morning, having had time to digest yesterday’s discussions, it seems the correct decision. 

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” 
― William Blake

Auntie...Hoarding Woes
No, no Sweet Auntie. It will all be ok. Your treasures, your dreams, your self worth will be respected and preserved. We just need a little bit of help to carefully get through this maze.


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Reconsidering Reality

  1. Jennifer Hansen

    It’s very good that you recognize this instead of attempting to power through and breaking yourselves down even further.

    Look at what you have accomplished together! A house that was an outpost of Hell restored to saleable condition and lived in by a family (even if they are doing awful injustice to the lawn!). All that nightmarish filth and decay gone from around a second house, no longer an eyesore, no stench to appall the neighborhood, and multiple massive garage sales’ worth of stuff removed.

    It isn’t fair that you have to go in the hole to clean up after someone else’s mistakes–no matter how much loved. It isn’t right. But judging from what you’ve written here, it’s the least wrong alternative before you. Let an estate sales specialist clear away the last of the hoard and get some rest.

    You hit this wall the first time through as well, right?

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