Hoarding Woes: Outer Space

tropitan 1952 hoarding woes

This very unique and beautiful Ritts Tropitan Couch was purchased by my Aunt and Uncle in 1952. And, here it has sat in the Den…mostly display, little used and then buried beneath the hoard’s stuff for decades. 

Again uncovered, we have used it. But, now space is needed for table tops. So today, the furniture was moved to gain space.

space in den

 Odd little moments in a hoarding cleanup: most stuff is moved about and removed without a second thought. Some moves, changes, give pause out of the blue. Something subconscious arises and you know a threshold of change has been crossed.

7 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Outer Space

  1. Growing up in a jam-packed house, this was a thing I rarely saw: the space where the wall meets the floor. It is one of my favorite things about my house now, albeit a bit odd. What are the little things you see in your Aunt’s house that make you think/say “Wow, we really have come a long way”?

    1. You know it is the bare floor, carpet for sure. It was uncovering her own, once prized, personal treasures presented so nicely. Photos on the wall from long ago. The wood on the walls and floor that my uncle constructed. Partly, because they are now visible, it says look how far we have come and it also gives a glimpse back in time. A year ago, we were deep into cleanup (patio, garage, carport, shed, shop) Thinking back in time and knowing we are not toiling as hard a year later also helps.

  2. Jennifer Hansen

    I think what fascinates me about your blog is that you aren’t digging filth, rot, and trash out from on top of filth, rot, and trash; you’re uncovering this frankly gorgeous house, preserved as if in crystal, furnishings and all. (If somebody had put that episode with the unburied lamp into a movie, I wouldn’t have believed it.) The light at the end of the tunnel for most children of hoarders is the prospect of the house being gutted or even demolished by someone else once the hoard has been dealt with. But when you’re done with cleanup, you’ll have an asset to be proud of.

    Hang in there.

  3. Jennifer Hansen

    *arent just digging out filth, rot, and trash. The posts about what you found in the driveway were hard to finish.

    1. If you were to have the time and energy, you would see this blog started with my Mom’s filthy, multi-layered atrocity and a gutting. We ‘lucked’ out with my Auntie’s more organized tidy hoard…excepting all of the outside. Thanks so much Jennifer for dropping by and commenting…very much appreciated!!!

  4. I stumbled upon your blog while Googling for Ritts Tropitan furniture. Your aunt’s is nearly identical to what my parents owned when I was growing up. It was our “rec room” furniture in the ’50s and ’60s, was carted to our new home in 1971 and relegated to the basement. Eventually it was sold to friends. I dearly wish we still had it – and from time to time I go on wishful online shopping trips to find it again.

    Once into your blog, however, I am transfixed and am now reading it in its entirety from the beginning (oh how I dislike scrolling upwards and seeing spoiler photos before I hit the text!). I’m up to August 2011 since starting yesterday. My husband is a garage and attic hoarder of sorts. I often shudder to think of what I (or our children) will be faced with if we don’t deal with it. Compared to your journey, ours will be minor.

    I also connect with your efforts to help your aunt in her final years. My mother-in-law, who lives on her own 5 minutes away from us, is soon to be 94. So much of your dealings with your aunt are echoed in our daily lives. My heart goes out. Tissues have come out a few times as I read. And I’m supposed to be working! Apologies to my employer. I’ll make it up next week.

    Thanks for doing this. I honestly don’t know how you find the time. Dragon Dictate? I’m probably repeating what others have said. You should write a book.

    1. Hello Kathy,

      Well thank you for the very thoughtful and kind comments!! We have been researching the Ritts quite a bit of late and along comes you! How nice. I wish you all the very best with the future trials and thank you for going to the beginning and following the journey. We are far from done (mentally, spiritually, physically) regardless of what means we ultimately choose to resolve the Hoarding Woes.


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