Free Stuff & Wet Butts

May To Make Top 5 Wet List!

By Rod Hill on 28-May-13 14:39.

 Steady rainfall expected tonight will likely push PDX into the top 5 list of wettest Mays at the airport!  (X)

Free STuff Sign Hoarding WoesHoarding Woes Free Wet CouchI have touched upon this before…the supreme generosity of Portlandians in donating free stuff on curbsides regardless of the weather. Especially on the weekends, you are hard pressed in certain neighborhoods (the types with transient populations and little desire to carry their stuff away) to not find a dozen such donations within a half hour of driving about the main roadways. I just find it interesting for a variety of reasons.

Ok, I digested my above vanilla words and the sarcasm was too concealed. How damn dumb!


One thought on “Free Stuff & Wet Butts

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