Photography: What was ~ What is (For now…)

My Auntie’s yard was, at one time, impeccable. The flowers were everywhere. The lawn, cut with a reel mower, was short cropped and flawless. That was then and now it is the ‘get to it eventually’ location.

BAckyard Cottage SB

As you might recall, this is what we started with in the entire back yard. This was a portion.
Stuff pallets
Beneath the tarps was several decades of sopping wet, moldy, stuff.
And, at several points we had the back yard empty. Yard furniture, large tents, recycling and garbage have filled the vacuum since and again vacated.
white fountain
Yesterday, the fountain area looked a bit forlorn and although not the worst it has looked back there, it was begging some good weed pulling.

Bench Back yard

two weed piles
I mustered up a couple of weed piles, but felt those Spring time gardening muscles starting to quiver.
5-27 weather
Rain all day and a cold feel to the air, Weeding does not sound so inviting (if it ever does), but the wet soil does make it easier.

The yard cleanup has nothing, at first blush, to do with all the prep that is needed in the house. But, letting the yard go will add stress down the road. Like losing ground (yard) in the cleanup battle. I need to make a dent on it to keep my mental balance in this process. I will pull, cut, whack and nuke it to regain (a sense) control.


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