Hoarding Woes: Rule #3 ~ Vacuums

Hoarding Woes Rule #3: No vacuum goes unfilled for long during cleanup.

I have expressed this rule before (today, I decided to number it) re the nice open space soon viewed as a storage place for stuff from some other cleanup zone. We have gotten better at this, but every once in awhile, it is as if you have been surrounded by your own clever horizontal placements. 

At least for me, vertical stacking does not ease my mind or make the sorting/cleaning/staging process easy. I need to spread it out to keep track. This is much the same thing the hoarder does to keep track of their treasures….touching, viewing, replacing over and over. Danger zone here…always make sure while you are moving stuff about there is a method to your vision; you plan.

D Rm Floor Vac
The Hoarding House Dining Room has most often been full. Several times before the table was clear and the surrounding floor clear as well. But, as other areas were purged or stuff from outside sales had to be stored for the Winter, the floor and dining room table top filled up again. This week the floor is pretty much open and the table top very thinned out. A vacuum, which we hope to maintain and not fall prey to Rule #3.
Door Fall stain
In the TMI category, but offered as a serious warning to family and friends of hoarders: just over three years ago my Auntie’s eventual demise commenced right here where the wood floor was stained with her fluids as she lay hypothermic, trapped beneath an avalanche of stuff that had buried her for over a day. Stay in touch…check on them…have a way in, whether by key or how to best break in if you had to. Be aware that stuff may preclude entry via broken windows or breached doors. Identify where the hoarder most often enters/exits. In my Aunt’s case, had we not found a key to unlock the steel security door, I am not sure how we would have gotten to her. Short of the large plate glass living room window…no broken window would have allowed access so jammed to the ceiling were the rooms.
living room
The living room had been a vacuum, or most of it. Now it is a sorting station for other rooms. There is a strong sense that this is temporary…or the winding trail will remain. Nope!

Otherwise, breathing room is being gained here and there and being maintained.

The back yard, the scene of repeated vacuum/fill the vacuum moments is pretty much empty now save 2-3′ tall weeds and grass. Most would view it as a waste of valuable time to knock this down, but it helps give a sense of orderliness and is unfair to the neighbors and their pristine landscaping.

dresser top F BR

den mantle

Onward we continue, week by week. Mucho graduations, birthdays and gatherings are ahead, mostly on weekends. Life, good life, intrudes. 


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Rule #3 ~ Vacuums

  1. swmbo

    I would need one room completely clear of ‘stuff’ as an oasis to go to when the work becomes overwhelming. Or the back yard patio all neat and the yard beautified, someplace that is a haven. I’ve moved many times over the years and that has always been my rule. One room to be in and not look at clutter or boxes. It gives me peace in the midst of chaos.

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