Hoarding Woes: Old Mail & Treasures Tucked Away

A pronounced penchant for my Mom and my Aunt was the retention of old bills and notations from long ago. Rubber banded and boxed or stuffed in drawers or locked away in attaché cases for some reason.

Bags old billsSwittersB

Bag upon bag of such old mail is accumulated and when one looks at the dates (60’s, 70’s), it would be easy enough to toss it along the way. Only the concern for some important, rarely found, document looms in the back of the head.

Yesterday, my wife being dutiful and taking a break, sat and sorted through bags of old mail and made a great discovery (at least in my humble estimation). Amongst many bundles of old envelopes was a bundle of old greeting cards my Aunt had received long ago. How long ago?

Well, there tucked into an old greeting card was a birth announcement: MY BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT! From my Mom to her sister in 1948. How cool is that?! Ok, I’m a bit sentimental.

oldcards with BA SwittersB

birthannouncement SwittersB

Birthann inside SwittersBYou never know what treasure you might find hey?! I was a little guy it appears. Also, there are those earlier mentioned attaché/brief cases. Always locked, often heavy. What might this one contain? A cool 100K embezzled long ago? Just joking.

attache1SwittersBWhat if this is the one? Pry, pull, try number combos, finally the back is slit ipen and the case pulled apart….maybe, just maybe?

attache2 SwittersB Of course, yet again, it was 40+ years old tax returns and vaguely interesting as to income levels but nothing more. Oh well, the birth announcement was a great find!!! 


3 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Old Mail & Treasures Tucked Away

  1. Dee

    Hi — I noticed the slitting-open-of-the-attache, and cringed. I used to work in a luggage shop, and it was amazing how many times someone brought in a suitcase or attache (sometimes an inherited one like yours, but oftentimes their own!) with a forgotten combo. We developed a quick and easy method to unlock them without damage.

    Really, there are only 1000 possible combinations for a 3-tumbler lock like that. So we would start at 000, press the button, 001, press the button, 002, press the button, etc. It never took more than a couple of minutes, and the customer was always so astonished that we could “guess” the combination so fast!

    Just thought I would pass that on in case you find a vintage case of some kind that you’d prefer to open without damage.

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