Photography: Remnants of Style

My Auntie was very proud of her home. At one time, it was truly a show piece, inside and out. I recall the yard being particularly spectacular with splashes of color and crispness.

Now, with the hoarding woes that have swirled through our minds for the last several years, we become consumed with the messes before us…the layer upon layer of stuff that hide remnants of style…remnants of pride.

Yesterday, my wife felt inspired to take photographs of barely visible signs of what was long ago (30 some years). Here is a compilation of scenes from the back yard……….

C1C2C3C4C7C8C10C11C13C9C12All this smothered dashes of style only add to the stark contrast that hoarding often presents…what was/what now is. What could have been/what is. Nice shots!


3 thoughts on “Photography: Remnants of Style

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