Hoarding Woes: R & D

Spending much more time researching values of the more special items…several hundred such items. Each search takes a fair amount of tedious time even on eBay.

Developing the Plan: Have noted our Goals and Action Steps to move toward completing those Goals. The Team is stirring. Vintage Clothes & Shoes out the door by the end of this month.

shoes rackWe didn’t have a particularly harsh Winter here…rarely do…but the Geraniums usually don’t come back if left unattended. This year several of the Geraniums we planted for my Aunt have re-emerged into Spring. A prompt…hey I am grasping at all manner of spiritual prompts for positive influence…to keep pushing.



2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: R & D

  1. stillstrange

    You mentioned Vintage clothes? Is there an e-bay site set up yet? If so, let me know the name it’s under so I can put it under Favorite Sellers and check it out. I love Vintage clothes and things. Thx.

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