Hoarding Woes: The Undercurrent Was Classy

California influenced Den from 1952 at the Hoarding House

Early in my Mom’s and Aunt’s adult life they moved out of an abusive environment (in Wisconsin) and headed for Southern California. They spent time there in the early 40’s and it had a lasting influence (interior design/clothing) for decades to come.

My Mom never had the wherewithal to acquire the bedrock trappings of the Mid Century Era (although she ultimately spent enough money on stuff to have had it). However, my Aunt had the wherewithal to build a significant interior design of Mid Century Modern that was ultimately buried in all the many varieties of stuff.

Recently, we had an opportunity to visit the Palm Springs, California area. In the course of that visit, we saw the prominent influence of Mid Century Modern in many historical (40’s/50’s) hotels. It was immediately apparent that my dear Aunt had long ago dialed into a style that was so cool and hip in the day….and still is elsewhere. Somehow she buried it with her hoarding mania in the six decades that followed. Now it is ever more visible. And, it is evident my Aunt was one classy gal in the day, and even in the end. 

Uncovered Mid Century Lamp in the basement of the Hoarding House
mid cent chase
Lobby of Palm Springs, Cal hotel (The Chase)
Mid Century Chair
Mid Century Chair, Del Marcos Hotel (Palm Springs, Calif.)
Chase 105
The Chase Hotel, Palm Springs, Calif.
Del Marcos Oasis Kit
Del Marcos Oasis Unit Kitchen (Palm Springs, Calif.)



5 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: The Undercurrent Was Classy

  1. Mid- Century Modern is not my personal decorating style but I definitely have a soft spot for it and can appreciate how wonderful it is. I love the den you show above and am saddened by what your mother and aunt faced but am so moved by your ability to see the best in them.

  2. swmbo

    There is the room of my dreams again. Not sure why it speaks so strongly to me but it does. Your auntie had great instincts.

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