Hoarding Woes: Random Stuff…….

Oh my. Up to our noses in procrastination and inertia. Seemingly stuck. Medical this and that is mind stalling. Can’t work as a diversion or distraction. I see ever more what my Mom and Auntie went through with health problems and a sense of insurmountable odds.

fountain cancer wing
Fountain in Cancer Wing of Providence Medical Center (Portland, Oregon) SwittersB

But, I know that sooner or later, either with our own backs and hands or hired help, we have the desire and need to fix this mess. The final effort is so attainable, so in view. Just life right now is in front of us along with the Hoarding House.

This is exactly what everyone else deals with. There is comfort in this. Knowing that others stare into this same morass gives a degree of strength.


The hoarding yard is exploding right now with new growth…good growth and not so good growth (weeds and grass). The yard being spruced up a bit makes the messes easier to deal with. Soon enough, the back yard will become a staging area for cardboard boxes and recycling. No vacuum goes unfilled for long.

Yes, this is a lot of positive self talk in the face of an ongoing slow down. It works…just not yet.


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