This Blog Is A Benefit……Even For Us

storage locker 1 yr agoI have noted before that this blog was started more for my expression of emotions way back when my Mom had passed away and left us with a massive, hoarding mess. It has evolved along the way through that cleanup and into my Auntie’s hoard, illness, dementia, hospice and death.

Along the way, we have pushed hard and occasionally stuttered and sputtered. It is good for us to look back and see what we have done. Many of you have reminded us of that time and again, but life confuses and distracts and then obscures our clarity. The above pictures were a year ago. A very disheartening time when we had to empty a large storage locker, of my Aunts, and move all the contents to the hoarding house.

It was a set back in our mind, at the time. But, of course, it all worked out. Now we are faced with more set backs of a medical nature. We had just reinvigorated our minds to charge forth, but health concerns now derail that momentum.

You know the routine: symptoms, tests, more tests, waiting for results, inconclusive, symptoms, more tests……………….waiting……………you know the routine.

Plan B? In this type of effort, you have to think through the many options (sometimes it doesn’t seem like you have any) and plan for the what if’s. What if this or that happens. Some of that involves money. Some of it is muscle. Some of it is time management. When all three are reduced then the mind comes to a halt. This is very troubling to the Team that wants to scratch out success after success. Looking at the pictures above, I know we can do it again. We just have to develop alternative plans of action.

What if’s……………………………….  



2 thoughts on “This Blog Is A Benefit……Even For Us

  1. Thank you for visiting my site. I am so glad to have found your blog now as well. I have read through several of your posts and want to tell you that I love how you are sharing this journey. It has to not only be a good outlet for you to process how difficulty dealing with such an illness can be but also a way to help others who face the same challenge. Your love and compassion for your mother and aunt and lack of judgement – even amid the difficulty and frustration – are very apparent. I look forward to following along.

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