Hoarding Woes: DSM-V Diagnosis for Hoarding Will Help

psych-book-460x30712As you probably know by now the American Psychiatric Association has added hoarding to the DSM-V. This new diagnosis addition to the DSM-V goes into effect this May 2013. If I Were A Hoarder further explains the addition and how it may influence the response to hoarders.

It may give clout to treatment options, given the legitimization of the malady in the psychiatric loadstone. It may also generate more interest in others pursuing this avenue of treatment in their career path as therapists.

For those of us that have been dealing with hoarding, the DSM-V is little solace or help in the ongoing battles, negotiations and tantrums. But perhaps someday there will be a better understanding of how to cajole, manipulate, finesse the hoarder toward safety and health. 


6 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: DSM-V Diagnosis for Hoarding Will Help

  1. Thanks for the information. I wish I knew how to use this to get my brother to treat his disease! I wonder how Medicare will treat individuals with this diagnosis. Of course, they have to ask for treatment, and brother doesn’t think he has a disease — he is just eccentric!

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  4. I’m beginning wonder if many animal hoarders are sociopaths. A July 2013 Jamestown Sun article noted: “Exploiter hoarders are the most difficult to deal with, according to the paper. Unlike the other types, they tend to have sociopathic characteristics, lack empathy for people or animals, deny the situation and lack guilt or remorse.” [http://www.jamestownsun.com/event/article/id/190392/]
    If they’re not completely sociopaths, sociopathic characteristics may be present in combination with any number of other a complex of issues and/or disorders such as attachment disorder, delusions, schizophrenia, ptsd, depression, ocd, borderline personality disorder, etc. I see dealing with the problem of animal hoarding as a multi-pronged approach that might include: 1.) proper metal health diagnosis with treatment options and ongoing therapy; 2.) law enforcement citations/fines; and 3.) income assistance for ongoing cleanup/maintenance.

    1. Anita…truly no offense…but your clinical speak suggests a lack of empathy and perhaps you have never truly dealt long term with a hoarder. Yes, they are any one of the numerous mental maladies you enumerate. In the instances of my Mom and my Aunt I would hardly call them sociopaths or attribute any of those selfish characteristics to them.

      Addiction is selfish in the way it affects those that love the addict yes. But, I know enough of their troubled youths to know this stemmed from several directions. Your clinical responses of ‘proper mental health diagnosis’, LE responses and income assistance for cleanup or so nanny statist I blanch at reading it.

      Perhaps you are the one that lacks compassion and empathy. Put away the text book speak and just be human!

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