Hoarding Woes: Bookcases for Staging Estate Sale

Last November, we went to Puyallup, Washington to attend the Antique & Collectibles Show (as we just did in Portland). We noticed the exhibitors often displayed their wares by setting up banquet tables and atop those they lined up 3 tier (shelves) bookcases. The table tops and bookcases allowed for nice displays of merchandise. Most figured out how to attach small lamps to shine upon their items.

This was the type of collapsible bookcase we saw at the shows.

Recently, we started checking Craigslist for such bookcases and came upon a place in Portland that had 15 of the 3 tier bookcases. This was at a hoarding cleanup. We were able to collect nine, the other 6 were full of cookbooks. We hope to collect the rest within a month or so. The fellow cleaning up the hoard seemed overwhelmed with the duration of the cleanup. Not a particularly big mess, but to him it was daunting and we understood.

bookcases rigshelf openWe now have 11 of these bookcases. We hope to buy the other ones we left at the hoarding house, once the fellow packs up the books. We figure to find more and buy those too. The regular price for these bookcases are anywhere from 49.99 to 59.99. We bought them for considerably less per unit. Another positive step.





One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Bookcases for Staging Estate Sale

  1. Tish

    Oh! Yes, we have 12 of them in that cherry color, as we were moving a lot for awhile. They’re very convenient and I bet you’ll be able to easily sell them at the end of the estate sales.

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