Let the Space Be With You…………….

Recently, I showed the upholstery repair on the burned couch and mentioned our intentions to sell the couch and love seat. I posted the pieces on Craigslist and noticed that within minutes we were hundreds of posts after us. I really didn’t have much hope for a quick response. 

About 48 hours later we got one response and that was all that was needed. A very nice couple responded today to buy the pieces for our asking price. What was nice about the sale, was the couple in their sixties were buy the pieces for their mother, in her 80’s. It seemed like a really perfect fit. What was even nicer was the underlying story.

The lady has been married for 60 years and subjected to verbal abuse for years. She was severely restrained from outside influences to include radio or TV restrictions. Recently, the husband started physically abusing his wife. The end result was the kids stepping in, protecting the mom and removing her from that environment (with her consent). Now she has legal representation, the support of her children and is trying to discover her own voice. Something else to worry about elders…domestic violence.

The thought of the elder lady receiving these nice pieces of furniture was very gratifying for both of us. We know they will be very appreciated.

spaceMore space gained in the living room. There is more to be gained (just out of sight), but this was very uplifting to gain this space. The comment was heard ‘I can really see this is doable’. The selling off of these items crossed a psychological barrier on several fronts. It was liberating and felt very satisfying…a win/win for sure.


4 thoughts on “Let the Space Be With You…………….

  1. MomOfTwo

    Love it. Having seen your Auntie’s home (thank you!) I can just see how wonderful it will be once all is done. Just look at that window! I hope you guys will post pictures after you move in and make it yours!

  2. In my experience selling things online with something similar to Craigslist, it is an amazing feeling when that one person appears seemingly out of nowhere to buy your items. Especially if you get to hear what they are going to do with them – like the rollerskates I sold to a lady whose friends were trying to get her to take up rollerderby. Totally not what I expected to hear!
    Every time I sell something, my husband’s reluctance to sell things breaks down a bit more. He loves seeing open spaces at home, too.

  3. Bonnie

    In kind of a *convoluted* way……this story is heartwarming. What a touching story you tell of the elder woman who will now find some modicum of comfort in your aunt’s sofa and loveseat after all that she’s endured. It’s the little things that sometimes keep our heads above water. Congratulations to you, too, for having rid yourself of another piece of the hoard. It seems God worked from two angles on this sale. : )

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