Antique & Collectibles Research: Today

We did this earlier this last year in Puyallup, Washington…attending the World’s Largest Antique & Collectibles Show. It is set up, again, in Portland this weekend. My wife and I will attend and attempt to learn more about what remains in the Hoarding House. We have a general idea from the last show that we have items of worth. Today, we will attempt to dig down and gather more precise details for future sales or retention. Momentum, regaining focus, one day at a time.

This is a large venue, having attended outdoor shows at the Expo Facility so we know the feet can give out sooner than later if the proper shoes aren’t worn and the patient mind set isn’t along for the venture.

expo show

Today we plan on paying more attention to the vintage jewelry, ceramics and pottery. We gathered some good ideas last time on presentation and suspect the same setups will be available again for study.

So, off we go to look at other people’s stuff. Last time we bought a vintage photograph. 



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