Trees Planted…It Feels Nice

The tree planting crew rolled up and I was surprised to see a dozen men, women and children descent upon the sidewalk with tools and our three trees. They carefully measured for depth and balance and got the three trees in there in short order. We threw a few shovel fulls of dirt and watered the trees in well. The crews, in total, planted almost 300 trees today. Nice effort and everyone seemed to be having fun. They said our soil was the easiest to dig today. They can thank my Auntie for that after years of amendments and mulching to the strip of soil along front.

House MJ Trees In
The Hoarding Home looks somewhat refreshed this time of year and the three new trees in front will add something special in the years ahead.
Me Cascara 1-19-13
I am certain my Aunt would have enjoyed the tree planting effort today.

crew planting 1-19-13Trees In 1-19-13



2 thoughts on “Trees Planted…It Feels Nice

  1. Tish

    The trees are lovely. In fact, the whole front facade looks quite cheerful. You’ve done a nice job keeping the bushes in shape. 🙂

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