Trees: Curbside Appeal to the Hoarding House

In the sixty years of the Hoarding House’s existence, there have never been trees in front, along the sidewalk. Portland has a lovely quality because of all the trees. Today, early this morning, 3 new trees (2 Red Bark Maples, 1 Cascara) will arrive at the house and go into the ground.

It is a positive event, falling leaves and cleanup aside. The shade, beauty and sense of privacy will add to the quality of the home. We arranged with Portland based Friends of Trees to purchase the trees and for them to plant the trees. The group plants hundreds of trees a year with a volunteer work force. Since 1989, the group has planted 450,000 trees in the Willamette Valley. I admire the effort! It will improve our mental health as a positive, growing event. 

Trees to Plant
I drove by the tree planting staging area yesterday. There amongst a hundred trees were our 3 trees. I liked that all the trees had at least 8 feet on them and looked healthy.
curbside spots trees
The three spots were marked along the curb/parking area. I had previously checked out the ancient in-ground sprinkler system to make sure the pipes were not in the way and they weren’t.


2 thoughts on “Trees: Curbside Appeal to the Hoarding House

  1. annietiques

    What a lovely way to begin the year!!!!!
    I am confident that you and the “team” will find your motivation. It was very very important that all of you took a good long break to rest, and let aching body parts mend!!! All of you have been on this journey for a very long time……

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