Hoarding Response & the Ouija Board

ouija bdThe last sale was mid-October. After the sale, the Team broke down the sale and tucked away the remaining items that were not donated to various support groups.

With the best of intentions, we intended to maintain momentum and only take breaks for the holidays. But, it is evident, we are tired and although we never contemplate passing off the conclusion to the hired planners, we are in need of a revitalization. We are flat. We turned away just long enough to come to a grinding halt. Now we must regroup and soon. 

We are blessed with a Team that is still ‘eager’ to help. In fact they frequently ask when we are getting back at it. Why are they more eager than us?

There are so many ‘why’s in the whole hoarding cleanup process. And, the why of how come we seem a step behind others, I believe, is we bore the brunt of several years of intense caregiving for two family members and the subsequent deaths. Both passages involved countless what if’s and why’s for my Mom and my Aunt.

Both left us massive hoards and both deaths deeply sapped up. We had the in home hospice for my Mom, which ended in our living room…in a hospital bed. No sooner had we buried my Mom and stared at her hoarding mess, than my Auntie became our charge.

And, in short order, she took tumbles and fumbles and bone breaks and dementia set in. We suffered through all this but suppressed the grief and necessary adjustments as we dove into one situation after another and focused with so much energy.

A pause came along this Fall and it was like the air went out of the big balloons. Not slowly but more rapidly. So, today as I stood contemplating the back yard where so much garbage, stuff and recycling had moved through I was faced with the realization that it is time to recharge. So, here we go again. Well. actually I haven’t passed on this news to the rest of the Team, so I believe we are getting ready to forge ahead. Wish us luck. The Ouija Board didn’t offer up any clean indications.

back yd containers scattered


5 thoughts on “Hoarding Response & the Ouija Board

  1. Your multi-year job of cleaning up reinforces my belief that the people who say that hoarding doesn’t hurt anyone don’t have a clue. I know you and your team will see this through to the end.

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