Merry Christmas…Season’s Greetings to All

This can be a difficult time of year…the Happy Holidays. Not so happy at times with loved one’s barricaded in amongst their stuff. Or, you have lost a loved one and are moving through the holiday season with an empty feeling. We are moving through the season missing my parents and Auntie. All big celebrators of the Christmas season. All left home around Christmas at a young age under harsh conditions. Later, they put a lot into the season for the family but probably for themselves…to reclaim something they really never had growing up. 

Regardless…wishing you all the very best!!!

fish-bench-snow Christmas SwittersB


7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…Season’s Greetings to All

  1. Sonya

    So true. Such a time of mixed, bittersweet emotions for so many people. And, as a therapist, I would add…the trouble of hoping that this one time, the holiday visit with family is going to go well… Then the disappointment as old family patterns reassert themselves and feelings are deeply hurt once again…

    What I admired about you from reading your (entire) blog is the balance you showed between loving your auntie in the present and accepting her for who she was, and also attempting to help her to change. While I’m sure you must have been frustrated at times, as that is only human, you let her always primarily see your love for her. I love your family’s support too; you have an awesome family!!!

      1. Sonya

        You’re welcome! Thank-you for taking the time to write down your story – so much to learn from it, and very interesting and INSPIRING to read as well!

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