Hoarding Woes: Speaking of Fires…..

I am linking to a piece in The Oregonian about one Eunice Crowder, a hoarder, who died as a result of a house fire in her hoarding home this past week. A blind woman, who negotiated the messes inside her home, was a piece of work. Sad ending, sadder if a fireman had died inside that hell hole. It is a long story but worth the read and a reminder for all of us….do something! My Auntie had two fires, one a result of a heating pad igniting!

“The air grew hotter toward the back of the house. Firefighters thought the higher temperatures signaled big flames, but the only fire still burning was a 2-by-2-foot blaze in the main hallway. A quick inspection suggested that a heating pad tucked beneath Crowder’s pillow ignited, and that flames spread up her arms and melted her clothes as she tried to carry the pillow to the bathroom sink. Clutter may not have caused the fire, but it certainly made a quick escape more difficult.”


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Speaking of Fires…..

  1. Heating pads have always frightened me – the warning that they can cause skin burns, let alone cause fires, has been enough to make me never want to use them. The problem is that the people using them are usually elderly and have poor mobility. There has to be a safer way to soothe sore muscles!

    1. And, in many instances, the elder has no heat (furnace etc. cutoff) so they use heating pad for warmth…this is what my mom and aunt did…both started fires or had meltdowns.

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