It was the Flue…….

The pesky, flipper flue was not properly operating. Suddenly staying shut, the heating oil was not properly burning and the resultant smell is exactly what we smelled…like a burning plastic/wiring smell + smoke. Repair guy came out and charged nothing more than the normal service call/show up fee.

Because my Auntie had had a serious house fire years ago, she was very paranoid of her furnace. Somehow she managed to allow a furnace technician to come into her hoarding home, steer him to her basement and the furnace in order for him to do a yearly furnace maintenance inspection.

This was Auntie’s kitchen after we had cleared a trail through the kitchen. At this point the piles were lower and the pathway was wider to help avoid cascading stuff from caving in on Auntie. This move was difficult to pull off as Auntie did not like anything moved!!! At this point we had been into the home the better part of a year, in her life, building trust yet we could not truly move forward on the problem.

I can only imagine what he thought as he negotiated the one narrow path…walking atop stuff, through the living room, around through the dining room, then through the very narrow path in the kitchen and then down the stairs into the basement. 

furnace repair


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