Hoarding Cleanup: Life Interruptus……………

Post holiday slump, coming holiday distractions, surgery, life’s chaos, lack of momentum…..all this has conspired to bring us to a halt of late. And, what does that create for the Team with a mess still sitting there? ANXIETY! 

fog by pink hammer wp blog

We can’t hide, we can’t truly forget about it ever. It will still be there like when you awake from that fitful sleep and realize your life catastrophe is indeed true and still there. Such is the hoarding cleanup process, especially if you have lost momentum. We haven’t lost heart, commitment or purpose…just momentarily the momentum that is required to focus, make the drive there, walk in and keep to a plan and see it through day after day. I suspect that the holidays will be a significant interruption. This year, unlike the past several years, there is a void of where those troubled, ill healthed ladies sat and occupied a part of our lives. 


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