Hoarding Woes: More Prepper Time

Went out last night and met a guy with 6 good quality banquet tables and 7 vertical stands (plastic type) and one heavy duty circular close rack. Worked a deal to get them off his hands by end of holidays.

Going to put in a day or so at the Hoarding House before Thanksgiving Day. The plan is to better organize the interior of the house. With the Summer long push outside, a lot of stuff was just dumped into the house, categorized as ‘for later’ (meaning estate sales). A lot of it was boxed and labeled and put into rooms out of the way. But, there is an awful lot just stuffed here and there. The lack of a system right now creates a sub current of annoyance…at least for me. As we prepare to do the on line sales bit for at least a few months, work stations and a need for an orderly process are calling out for attention.

Family is already coming forward with pilfered packing materials. Loose styrofoam popcorn…ugh! Necessary evil I suppose.



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