A Lull of Sorts………..

Work, health issues/concerns and holidays. Today, I brought home a dozen boxes that seem suitable for packing up items sold online. We have yet to set up the process, although we have brainstormed on a mechanism to research, record/catalogue the results, and organize the items inside the home over the months ahead. A lull right now, and that is OK. Anticipated this and going with it. I try to do something each day, whether research or more physical that keep my mind engaged in what still lies ahead. Last year this was a very rough time of dementia and hostility. These recollections have crept back into my recollections and I am mindful they were a small fraction of the total picture.


3 thoughts on “A Lull of Sorts………..

  1. momoftwo

    Hi! Just an FYI on boxes and shipping. The Post Office provides Priority Mail boxes of various sizes and address labels free of charge. These must be used for Priority Mail; however, Priority Mail is a good option and for most items, costs only a tiny bit more than Parcel Post. Most post offices have the boxes and labels displayed to take, or you can ask at the counter. You can also have them shipped to your house free of charge, unless they’ve changed that since I used to sell on eBay (see usps.com). They also have flat rate boxes, which are good for items being sent across country–if it fits in the box, it can be sent at the flat rate, regardless of weight. These are also free, but again must be used only for their intended purpose. Priority Mail will get your item anywhere in the mainland US in 2-3 days usually.

    Since I’m pontificating, one thing to remember is that UPS provides $100 of insurance free of charge with each package, and the Post Office charges for any insurance (it’s not too much). So you should keep that in mind when deciding between UPS and USPS. I found that sticking with Priority Mail where I could helped simplify the logistics and mess of shipping.

    One more piece of advice–start getting your friends to save all their bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Those don’t go as far as you’d think when you’re packing fragile stuff… And remember, UPS, the PO, FedEx, whatever–they WILL break it if they can. So the item must be protected really well and no part of it can be touching the box itself or it’ll break. I learned that as a buyer when sellers shipped me stuff that just fit into the box, and although well-packed otherwise, the one spot the things were touching the box caused them to break when the box was tossed, I assume. 😦 Need lots of bubble wrap and peanuts all around…. Sounds like common sense but it’s really tempting to try to make an item fit in a box; resist the temptation and get a bigger box!! LOL there’s my 2 cents (or 99 cents).

    1. Hardly pontificating..very helpful. I have seen the various packaging components at the post office. We are checking with some shop owners to see what they currently do with all that wrap and popcorn that comes their way. We are going to hit up Hoarding House neighbors and our friends for just what you suggested…I really appreciate your advice and for you taking the time to comment!

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