Donations = Space = Win/Win

The carport tables have been cleared of stuff and the plywood and saw horses will be broken down and moved into the garage. The tables against the far wall will be maintained for broken down cardboard boxes, etc.
Another view into the carport and garage. Much has been removed. A gazillion pieces of stuff moved into and out of this carport and down the driveway.
A truck arrived today from a youth substance abuse facility. The truck was filled with donations that will be sold off at their thrift shop. This is the forth load for them and the largest. It felt good to assist them and we know a fine young man that has prospered well from their program. Today we enjoy a win/win moment.

6 thoughts on “Donations = Space = Win/Win

    1. Yep…felt good to donate that much. It is a sign of how much stuff you have had/still have when you can let a truck load go that could be sold for several thousand dollars, but the practicality of it all resonates more than any profit. There are just some things I cannot stomach seeing anymore…there has been just so much of it I go delirious when more is uncovered.

    1. Yes, everyone feels a bit renewed. There is a push to regroup and move into the next phase inside the hoarding home. Really, progress in finally emptying off those table tops has been made a big difference. Of course, they will fill up again in the Spring.

  1. Veronica in CA

    Now this makes sense! Great to gain that space at one fell swoop, the charity benefits greatly, and it’s tax deductible, too. I was beginning to worry that you were getting sucked into a never-ending garage sale. Your (and your team’s) time and health is more valuable than the $$$ you *might* have made on this stuff. Sunk costs. I know you are trying to be super-careful with the assets of the estate, but it’s not worth it to pay the taxes, utilities and on-going maintenance on the real estate just to house the items for the cash that they might be able to generate.

    For the better (antique or collectible) items in the house, have you considered a “sold it on ebay” type of service? Ebay auctions are very time-consuming. These companies photograph the items, write the descriptions, create the auctions, pack and ship the items, they do it all from start to finish. You drop off the items at their shop, and later you pick up a check. Usually their fees are around 30% of closing auction value. Might be worth a try!

    1. I think we will dabble with the on line bit for the Winter while continuing to sort and stage for an estate sale(s) in the Spring. I have found the on line thing to be daunting with time commitments, but others 🙂 want to give it a shot….for awhile. Thanks Veronica!!

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