Giving It Away…..

Life Interruptus Again: As often happens, life’s necessities compete with the hoarding cleanup. A series of events and issues conspired to make working at the Hoarding House impossible. And, that never ending task loomed in the back of my mind. “Should be” “have to” “need to” intruded in my thoughts many times over.

I saw this wall hanging in a lobby this weekend. One of those pieces of ‘art’ that is at once pleasing in some way but forgettable too. It reminded me, in a fleeting moment, of all the pieces that match but yet don’t match. The mind jumbles and tumbles over sorting it all out.

But, it helps to have a plan and some certainty that it will be implemented. Today, the Team will push hard to ready all the donations (for this time around…won’t be the last time) and by doing so they will truly shut down the outside of the property through the Winter. The blowing rain has intruded beyond the roof lines and dampened  everything. Today that will be finally be cleaned up. The tables will eventually be broken down. The inner/secure areas will be used for creating more organized room inside the home to better move around and set up staging areas. 

We will start in earnest figuring out how to do the on line sales bit. Everyone says it is a piece of cake. Well we will see if it is at least a piece of ceramics many times over. I hope so.


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