Maintaining Perspective…………

Many of you have frequently reminded me of thinking back and seeing where we have been in order to regain perspective. The successes get lost sometimes as you look ahead at all that remains. Well, a looking back at the storage locker my Auntie had for so many years helps in this way too. You may recall that she had it long enough to have spent near $38,000 dollars in storage fees. She had never entered the locker. She had others fill the locker and then she just paid on it. There many ordinary items in the locker and many beautiful treasures too. Ultimately we had to transfer all the stuff from the storage locker back to the Hoarding House.

This one small “huge” set back gained a savings of out of pocket expenses re the locker ($300. a month) but really wowed up mentally. We had gained so much room and gained confidence we were getting somewhere. The emptying of the storage locker was much bigger than I believed possible. It held so darn much stuff. Mind boggling and defeating…for awhile. But, as always, the Team regained focus and moved forward step by step. I seriously doubt I could have continued alone on this. My wife and I would have stalled out. Having help and multiple positive attitudes made all the difference and we combined to maintain momentum. This helps us now as we look at what remains.


2 thoughts on “Maintaining Perspective…………

  1. Tish

    I thought of you this weekend. My husband’s grandfather passed last week, and his grandma has been gone for 10 years now. We were at the home this weekend and doing some preliminary planning for “what to do” to get the house ready for sale. I was so thankful that it was a small house, small storage shed (I can touch the walls on either side when I raise my arms up), and not much to clean out. Mostly just clothes and household goods to donate to Salvation Army… not too much. You and the team have done so much – keep up the good spirits!

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