Topped Off…Moving Forward, Hopefully Out of the Rain

The drop box is topped off. The so productive signs that took such a beating in the rain last sale are fittingly atop the whole mess. The colorful signs and flags did the trick for most of the Summer.

Steady rain all day. A mucky mess for sure. Gutters I never quite figured out last Spring are overflowing and spattering on the ground/pavement now. Half the outside contents have been dealt with. The driveway/canopy, carport and garage are pretty much dealt with. The Patio remains and needs immediate attention this week. The holidays and family events will cut chunks of time out of the plan of action. I am seriously glad most of the efforts will be directed inside and less outside. Donations will be picked up this week. The drop box will be gone tomorrow (Monday).

The inside of the house is disorganized. Interesting description for a previously hoarded up home. It is just that as we spent time sorting the outside and then the inside, often we just pulled stuff out of the mix deeming it sellable later for online/estate sales. Some of it was carefully boxed and saved in bedrooms and the dining room, but a lot of it was shoved here and there and now things are a bit cluttered. I mean it is not a disaster in the way we are use to. Just needs to be tidied up for staging, photographs, research, sales, etc over the next 5-7 months.


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