Sopping Wet Cleanup……

Today, at the Hoarding House, the Team spent a few hours cleaning up the garbage pile in the back yard. We probably knocked down 95% of it and filled the drop box in short order. We probably should have gotten a bigger box, but we tamped it down well and I will top it off tomorrow. The very helpful canopy/TP came down today too. Seems naked, but I promised it would come down.

The Canopy was emptied out and the double decker tables broken down. Then four of us removed the coverings and then disassembled the frame and opened up the driveway.

In the heavy rain, the debris pile was heavier and disintegrated during the hauling. If the terrain allows for it, containers (garbage cans or large bins) can be loaded up and wheeled to the drop point with a hand truck. Just be careful as the bins or garbage cans will usually be 100# plus and dangerous as you attempt to toss it over the edge of the drop box atop the pile. Often the container ends up at head height and if you lose control the contents can end up in your face/chest.
Here the repeatedly reclaimed & lost vacuum re-emerges yet again. A mucky mess. The remnants of this and that will be cleaned up tomorrow. Room will be made atop the pile in the box. I used the heaviest thing I had access to in order to tamp down the pile.

Nothing like a quarter ton applied in just the right spots to compress the load! So, TP/canopy down. Back yard garbage pile cleaned up. The will be more accumulated through the Winter as we purge boxes inside the house. I will not be stacking it outside in the elements. It may go, broken down into the Shed off the Patio or inside the Carport once we break down the tables in there. Regardless, a couple smaller but mentally necessary tasks were completed today and helps toward the cleanup and sense of not leaving things a mess through the Winter.

Part of the donations that will be given to a substance abuse program that runs a thrift shop. Once the carport is emptied out, the tables will be broken down for now and the area will be a maintained spot for broken down boxes /debris. Smaller drop boxes could be called in if one is needed.


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