Cavalcade of Stuff…the Beginning

More for my benefit, to see the transformation, to see where we are, where we’ve been. It is to remind ourselves we have come far.

The Hoarding Woes Titan…the powerhouse of stuff acquisition…Auntie. A little disheveled beneath the wig, but outside where she most loved to be.
Auntie working near the front of the driveway pile a mere minutes before she went around the corner, fell and broke her knee thereby setting off a downward spiral of events that led to her death.

….In no particular order, just a bunch of pictures (photography of sorts) from mid 2011….


6 thoughts on “Cavalcade of Stuff…the Beginning

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  2. annietiques

    That “sea” of blue tarps is just as shocking today as it was the first time I saw that picture!!!! Just amazing that you have sorted thru all that mess; thank you for the photo of your Auntie…….it is important that we are reminded of whom this is all about!!! She was a sweetheart, although a messy one!!

    1. Thank you…she was a sweet little elf. Shy, lonely, awkward. Eventually she blossomed with love. Sadly, sometimes the dementia and paranoia brought out an edge, but in the end, it did not matter. Thank you Annie.

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