Special Guest & Estate Sale Drafting

The rains have eased up a bit. The nearby Estate Sale had brought the estate sale followers into the area in a big way. Our signs are positioned near theirs (not obnoxiously close). Their say is ill prepared and over priced. The folks are leaving and coming here. A good thing judging by the sales so far.

Also, a very pleasant surprise was Vanessa from Pittsburgh, Pa. showing up at the sale. She was visiting the area and made a point of dropping by the sale. She was given a tour and gave us wonderful advice and support. Thank you Vanessa for making the effort!

So today is already better than the two previous days. Good karma, weekend, nearby estate sale, less rain. I know I am not cut out to be a business owner…waiting and wondering why no one is coming into to savor my culinary efforts or buy those special clothes or whatever the commodity…I don’t think I have the temperament to endure the wait…even if I have had the patience to endure the cleanup.

Another issue that probably seems obvious but I thought of it this morning at the grocery store. I was buying some food for a food shelter. Of course, food prices are ever higher…noticibly higher. Especially when you are having a Team help you feel obligated to provide food, beverages, gear, all manner of stuff and with all the attendant costs of the cleanup and sale prep, the money spent is sizeable in the course of a year. 

It is conceivable that as you have sales the proceeds should be set aside for some time to come to cover costs and not viewed as profits to be spent for anything but the ongoing cleanup effort. 


3 thoughts on “Special Guest & Estate Sale Drafting

  1. annietiques

    Wonderful to see a fellow Pittsburgher at the sale!!! Thank you Vanessa!!! Wish I was there along with you! Glad to hear that it was such a productive day….

    1. Thank you. It all worked well today. Tomorrow we will close out and take a deep breath. Restocking tables until late tonight…It was very nice to visit with Vanessa and she represented the Pa. contingent well.

    2. momoftwo

      Hey, Annietiques! Glad to know there’s another Yinzer reading here. Gary, Mary Jo, and Daisy (did I really remember her name, I hope that’s right) were so nice and welcoming. So glad I was able to visit.

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