This Way to the Ark……………..

It rained most of the day. The only thing trickling today was the crowd. It seemed evident that many were perhaps preparing for a grand water event

Eric Dowdle Artist

The signs took a beating. Can they make it through the weekend? Can the spirits of the Team make it through the weekend? Yes. There is a sense of reality. We have rode this horse as far as she can go…for now. We will maintain a positive attitude through the weekend. The rains may let up a bit tomorrow to return late Sunday. We will be done then. I will be yanking down all the signs…hopefully for the last time!

The take is this…what we have left on the 28 tables and maybe half again as much boxed is all that remains of the garage sale/thrift shop type stuff….did you read that correctly? Yep, I think it is probably a fairly correct assessment. A lot remains inside, but it will be held over for that new direction (online sales, Etsy, eBay, CL, contacting the nice collectors we have met) and my mind quakes a bit…Estate Sale(s). The Hoarding Woes’ adventure/ordeal/saga will continue and we will make even more discoveries about my Auntie as we dig deeper into that new layer of stuff…the personal treasures and keepsakes. 

The Winter will be making more donations, reducing the size of the outside staging areas, closing off the water/wind/snow (if any) and ordering at least one last 20 yard drop box in a week or so to do what???? Empty that vacuum…the back yard we have filled over and over.

So, through the weekend we go. Heads up and just enjoying the visitors that venture forth. I mean it isn’t that brutal out…low 50’s and steady rain. That is normal from now until June. 


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