Ready, Set, Go! Last Sale Until Spring

Ready, Set, almost Go! Once again, for the umpteenth time the 28 tables are stocked and, of course, as much or more awaits to reach the table top….if people come and buy.

As part of the new marketing strategy we decided to try new signage. I diddled and dawdled and only came up with 30 new signs as of tonight. It is dark out there and I need to make another 12 signs and these are the key signs, that should have been made first. Bigger and positioned at key intersections, they require turns and more precise directions. I blinked here and I may have to use the old signs. Those old signs are buried beneath a pile of boxes in the shed. When I am finished here, I will head out and while wearing my headlamp attempt to free up those signs and sort out the more serviceable signs of old.

A variety of colorful borders are being displayed this time around. Maybe the more eye catching trim will set the mood and move visitors toward our sale.

With the end of October near, we decided to pull out as much vintage Christmas stuff as we could find.

One of three tables displays a lot of Christmas decorations. We shall see if it moves at very reasonable prices.

The Patio has the same large amount of newer old stuff.

The tables have more stuff on them than at any previous sale. The variety is different yet the same. That’s what comes of handling tens of thousands of similar items. It looks the same after awhile even when it isn’t. Yet, the Team is motivated to put a positive spin on all this stuff for the next 5 days. All we can do is maintain a positive attitude and welcoming environment. The pricing is great. The visitors will decide how much of this old stuff they need.

Emails and call went out to dozens of prior customers (regulars and business owners). They seemed excited. Let’s see if they show. Cross your hoarding cleanup fingers!


4 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go! Last Sale Until Spring

    1. SwittersB

      Thank you! Up all night with last hours details. Biggest yet…trying to go out with a lot gone. No illusions, heavy rains coming too. Spirits good. Very kind.

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