Ugh! Running Through Mud

Everyone is sick, injured and moving at a slow pace, if at all. The mental gauntlet was thrown down and all attempted to seize it, but all soon realized they were exhausted and just plain sick. The hoarding, hoarding woes, continues to stare up in our face. 

The self realization that one needs to just take care of self, and then seeing it in others is good looking in from outside. From the inside out, it is piss poor timing and damn frustrating for all concerned. 

The East wind has been blustering down the Gorge (Columbia River). By January, that will be a cold, uncomfortable event. Right now, with the temps in the 60’s/70’s it is annoying as hell because every turning leaf has let sail into our sales areas. No way to stop them, on ward they come drifting downward everywhere. No point in cleaning them just yet, until the wind stops….supposedly this is coming (they have been saying that for a week). Rain scheduled in weeks ahead, which is sorely needed but not for a sale where water drains in the wrong directions.

Sorry, not all negative. Scads of costume jewelry has been packaged up again (hundreds of pieces). We will never move all that jewelry this way. We will have to consider other options next Spring when the Estate Sale concept develops.

May I just say that the mere mention of glassware makes me want to…well, never mind. My pity party is over. Just lots remains to be done and only a few people can do it and such is life for this next few weeks. The Team will rebound and there are far worse things that can befall one. 

I do try to remain mindful of my blessings. Recently, loved ones and friends have been beset by terrible tragedies. Like most of you, we hear or see it near us. We lend support and comfort but those moments of pain are necessarily personal and private in order to cope and process. Nonetheless, it is hard to watch the death and resultant pain loved ones are enduring right now. So, blowing leaves, bouts of crud, and disjointed timelines are minor by comparison…it is just a bunch of garage sales and thousands of pieces of  glassware!!! And, as I recently reported, we are making great progress. It is evident we will not come close to ridding the home of all the stuff this time around.

After eight ‘epic’ sales we still have more than enough for several more sales. I cannot fathom doing more and more sales. It just has to be moved by other means and the realities accepted. We are not wanting to run a never ending vintage store in a neighborhood, nor would I want a store front to run. Nope, this stuff is a beautiful curse and it is ever more apparent that whether you are buying it to resell at a profit, or hoarding for mental fondling purposes the cleanup is equally, if not more, damaging to all involved. 

This week, I am at a saturation point with stuff. I know that the breaks in between sales caused me to lose my drive. I feared this. Momentum, drive, purpose have succumbed to fatigue and avoidance. Of course, I will bounce back as will everyone else, but a bit tedious right now.


7 thoughts on “Ugh! Running Through Mud

  1. momoftwo

    Ah, a beautiful Lane TV lamp. Missing one pair of eyes, but replacements are easy to find! Nice. You probably want to keep that for the estate sale!
    With all eyes, these are going for 80-100 in general on ebay. 🙂 They go up and down in price but these usually stay up. (From a reformed TV lamp collector.)

  2. The most valuable characteristic we can have during a difficult season is knowing ourselves and our limitations and strengths. The constant reassessment is necessary and valuable, though tiring. Keep your chin up, team!

  3. Last sale for at least 5 months. Just need to get through it. I and the others cannot contemplate starting up again with all this stuff setting there all Winter. A final dent is in order…as long as it is not a permanent one on our psyche!!! Thanks Mel!! 🙂

  4. Casey

    I wish I was nearby. I’d be the perfect relief worker, I think. I LOVE the stuff, love looking at it – am aware of it’s value and how great or funky it is – but I don’t personally WANT any (more) of it, lol. I’m sure a solution will present itself – exhaustion, pain and illness make horrible ‘rose colored glasses’. Nebulous ‘virtual’ support from here in Southern Maryland!

    1. Thank you Casey…thanks for the kind words and it does matter. I don’t blame you! Some day I pray I can turn away for real….although my father in law does like to collect wood/lumber…small by comparison.

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