Compression: Space & Stuff

I have really wanted to make a cataclysmic dent (OK a bit over stated) into the stuff by the end of October to head into Winter with a feeling we were under control. Well, I now am not sure that will result after all the intense efforts.

I imposed that timeline. I said last Spring that I would not be bound by timelines and had the luxury of not being pushed toward a timeline. But, I imposed the timeline despite that. Do not impose a timeline upon yourself unless you truly have outside factors that compel you to do that: financial deadlines (like my Mom’s house), weather, dwindling resources, money or health limitations.

More second tiers (wife’s decision to add these tiers on sloping levels) being added to the several dozen tables with the intent of filling every square inch to close out as much ‘merchandise’ as possible in October. The stuff is dwindling into staging  pods in the hoarding house. Floor space is being gained every day. We are getting there! How far along are we? We estimate we have surpassed the 80% completed point. I mis-estimated how much stuff remained to be sold at the garage sale level. In all, the estate sale level of treasures is maybe 10% or less of the hoard. That is easy to do.


3 thoughts on “Compression: Space & Stuff

      1. annietiques

        Love the display of Revere Ware………if i was local I would be buying some of the larger pieces!!!!!

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