You Never Know When You Might Need……………

Oh you know full well how this goes with a hoarder. Sure we can chalk it up with the very elderly that they were from the Depression. The way things are going, we will be able to use that one again years from now.

But, today the Team found the original door bell from the hoarding house that had been damaged in the house fire twelve years ago. She kept the old, melted door bell. She probably liked the chimes and might use them some day??

Of course, an even better find was the patio umbrella folded up in the basement, hidden behind a door. If one looks at the photos of the patio from 1950…yep, there is that umbrella! Of course, the patio had been a bit occupied for the last 35 years with a mountain of stuff, so much stuff the sun couldn’t shine through the visqueen walls.


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