Hoarding the Glassware


In the initial stages of the hoarding cleanup (the driveway) it was not evident my Auntie had a thing for glassware. The driveway had been set up for sales and covered with tarps and boards for the better part of ten+ years. Beneath the tarps and boards were card tables set up in 4 table squares, spaces in between, and stuff piled atop and beneath the tables. Most of the boxes beneath sat directly upon the driveway so the water/mold/mildew damage was quite destructive. Much of the stuff atop the tables, despite the tarps was damaged.

There was little in the way of glassware. I recall some Anchor Hocking glasses and some vases. The rest was a hodge podge of kitchen ware and plastic bins full of stuff and the ever present swampy water that had breached the lids.

The backyard is where we first glimpsed thousands of pieces of glassware compressed down through rotten boxes beneath layers of rotten tarps. All this glassware, if it was not damaged and tossed, had to be hand washed to remove the stench and mucky grime. This was just the beginning for thousands more pieces stacked everywhere on the property.

A loyal commenter here, recently remarked about finding event planners, like weddings, to see if we could market some items to them. Well, we did just that. A more direct buyer came to us…the bride. Planning her wedding this Fall, she came upon a certain glass sandwich tray that I have shown before.

The ubiquitous glass sandwich tray, first encountered in the back yard and later in the Shed and the Patio. Hundreds of the rectangular gems. Well, I call them gems now. I didn’t always view them that way.

Now that the bride to be has carted away a hundred plus trays and matching punch bowl cups the glassware inventory has been reduced from ‘epic’ proportions to a smidgen under ‘huge’. These adjectives for our sales are not exaggerations. Truth in advertising!



One thought on “Hoarding the Glassware

  1. Ruth

    My grandmother had a set of these. I don’t recall them ever being used. Think my sister has them now.

    Yeah! for the bride finding what she needed and for you getting some things sold! I’m sure the bride felt she’d hit the jackpot ;-).

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