A Challenge: The Lull

There are many challenges, as you can imagine, in a hoarding cleanup: physical, mental, relationships, financial to name the primary ones. One that impacts me mentally and physically is the ‘lull’…the break. 

Seemingly good, to take a break, to rejuvenate. It has been a thorn in my side through my Mom’s cleanup and through my Aunt’s cleanup. It seems appropriate to take a short break after a sale or after a particularly hard physical push…given how many physical impairments most of us have. But, the lull reveals something else.

The lull shows how I am prone to ‘obsessively’ ramp up my mental efforts to get something done. As much as I have talked about slow and easy, I seem to need a full head of steam to progress. I am impatient with anyone moving at a slower, steady pace. I blaze ahead, in a non-Teamwork manner, which of course as I have mentioned is not the best coordinated means toward an end. 

So, when I stop, take a break for a week or two, I am at a mental standstill and the full impact of how long we have been doing this and how far we have to go doesn’t just hit me,  it tends to bury me. It reveals my true foibles and ways. 

Each time I dig out and ramp up and charge ahead. Once again I will do it into November. Then there will be a transition into a new pace and cleanup and I really will have to adjust to it…not all or nothing. It will indeed be slow and steady. 


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