Making More Room

The very last of the milk crates. My Aunt and my Mom had cornered the market on ‘borrowed’ milk crates. They made handy, stackable containers.

The next sale is basically staged. Some gaps will be filled soon. The effort is inside the house, for the most part, and pulling garage sales stuff outside into a staging area (that vacuum in the shed). 

Signs still need to be made and I seem to have a mental block on this…from making them, to putting them up, to taking them down. I need to get over it, but I am just not looking forward to it. I priced that bright flourescent paper today (lime, orange) and it is at $1.99 a sheet. Each sheet seems to be enough for two+ signs. Not sure how the paper/markings would hold up in any downpour.

Glassware and ceramics were uncovered and brought into the house for a hot water/soapy water encounter. Once clean/dry they were moved outside to a dry/staging area. It is important to coordinate on this movement of stuff. Otherwise the merchandise either bottle necks or doesn’t move quickly enough to the empty tables. With the Team you have multiples people sometimes making arbitrary decisions that don’t flow well with the whole. Discussion and agreement is critical for efficiency and morale.


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