The Shed…a small symbol of accomplishment

Earlier today, I remarked about the Shed and that nagging little mess that just went unaddressed. With Fall/Winter coming having a dry storage area is important. So, today Team members blitzed the shed into shape.

March 3, 2012 the Shed had been entered into.
Here the Shed was about 75% empty on March 3rd.
And here, by March 4th the Shed was pretty much empty. But, following the ‘no vacuum lasts for long’ rule the Shed filled up through the Spring-Summer and became unruly.
An finally today, the Shed looked amazingly organized and sparse!! Thank you Team. I just didn’t have the oomph to get it done.

Now! The Vacuum Rule Must Be Thwarted! Is that possible?

Of note…the large amount of Christmas items may selll better in October than in September. At least I hope so because we have even more on top of what was already put out in September. Ho, Ho, Ho!! I am not certain how many ceramic Christmas trees my Auntie felt worth buying-selling, but we have the corner on the market in the Pacific N.W.


4 thoughts on “The Shed…a small symbol of accomplishment

  1. Tish

    Your final sentence gave me a chuckle. I agree that you may have more luck in October. I’m glad to hear that you all are gaining back some momentum. Your posts over the last few days inspired me to “Just do it”… I packed my car today with gently used items for our vet office’s garage sale this weekend. They sell items to put money into a fund to help fixed income folks be able to afford vet treatment for their pets. Better to have the items go to new homes than sit in the basement, not being used.

    Best of luck to you and the team in the upcoming sales! ~Tish

  2. swmbo

    If I were going to be a hoarder, it would be Christmas items that does it for me. When I saw the table of trees etc, I was glad I don’t live near the sale. We all have soft spots !

    1. Ho! Ho! Ho! Yes, my Auntie and Mom had soft spots for Christmas. They both left home in the dead of Winter and arrived in safe havens around Christmas. Maybe that had something to do with it…not sure.

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