Cleanup Aisle 3

There are a few spots that have been ignored for their messiness. One is the shed off the patio by the back yard. It just got out of hand and I would look at it and glaze over. Not a bit mess, I just turned away from it for months now. Today we attacked it and brought it into shape. More sorting inside the house as well.

There is a ever better sense of what we have left to sell now…in the garage sale venue. A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Still a long ways away, but progress.

This whole process invades your mind. You dream it, you day dream it, you strategize at length. I have never run a small business, but I have to believe this is a small window into that world. 

I also imagine my Mom and Auntie dreamt about their projects at length too. Ramping up again for several weeks out. Really looking to put things to rest for the Winter. Cleanup of everything in the yard, the back shop and shed and taking down the TP/Canopy as I promised. I may resurrect it next Spring for the Estate Sales, but I don’t want to leave it up all Winter with the resultant wear and tear.

Estate settlement for family members coming to a conclusion. This was much more daunting than I anticipated. I cannot emphasize enough to stay highly organized with paperwork/records. Utilize a records housing system that is mobile and well divided. Do not co-mingle the documents with your own. 


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