Reassessing and Positive Energy

In the aftermath of the less than satisfactory results at the last sale, the Team has done an excellent job of coming up with follow up goals: new signage, reaching out in advance, with much more focus, to thrift stores and vintage stores…emphasis on thrift stores at this level, more aggressive outreach beyond typical ads online, just bringing a positive attitude to the tables…the less than satisfactory response has not diminished their focus….

Right now, the focus will be inside the house to better assess what remains…excellent progress being made! Just an update………


2 thoughts on “Reassessing and Positive Energy

  1. annietiques

    So glad the team is not letting this get them down………I would even consider antiques dealers; friends of mine that are dealers are always looking for lower cost items to keep the money flowing!!! Often they sit on the higher priced items waiting for that “special buyer”.

    I just love that you placed that beautiful photo of your Auntie in the center of the sale…………really brings home who and what this is all about!

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