Remnants of Concealment

Remnants of Concealment

If you have  just recently come upon Hoarding Woes & You, it does seem to be about the running of garage sales and the process of sorting and selling off the hoard. I started this blog in 2010 shortly after my Mom’s death. As I have said, I didn’t start it to network or build a status for this blog (I admittedly, unashamedly do that over at SwittersB & Fly Fishing where networking, linking is the norm). 

No, I truly started for my own venting and along the way a small support group follows and lends beautiful inspiration. So, with that said, if you just came along and think this blog is only about hoarding and stuff, that is not the whole picture.

I invite you to go back through the blog and you will note themes, realities in the moment, that still resonate with me and my family, and dare I say with those that have followed along from the beginnings. Yes, the hoarding, but also cancer, illness, congestive heart failure, broken bones, mental decline, memory loss, dementia, medications, paranoia, hurt feelings and betrayal, hospice, the last weeks, last days, last minutes, death. Funerals and graves, shock and grief, guilt, relief, more guilt, confusion, discoveries, and then the sales and the realization of just who was my Mom, my Auntie and their loves.

Also, most of the faithful that visit here have been or are currently immersed in all of the above realities. It lends comfort and strength to know that. It provides an affirmation of life and faith and that many have it worse and endure, often alone.

So, please tag along on the hoarding if it suits your needs or interests. But, veer off to the past for those other realities…it may help. Read the comments of the loving visitors. It is not all about the stuff that surrounds us. It can’t be. The remnants are not so much the last amounts of stuff, but of their secret lives. Concealed lives often.


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