Hmmm? Quiet on the Hoarding Cleanup Front

Today was the slowest sale day we have had out of 24 days of sales (if you have just joined that is 7 sales broken up over 24 days). Signs were up, ad run, a few came but little in the way of buying. Valued repeat customers saved the day. Thank you. It was a reasonably hot day of 90 degrees but not sure that was a factor. So, little restocking needed tonight. Wife down after medical procedure this morning so wasn’t able to participate today or maybe tomorrow either. Headed into weekend, so we shall see.

On a nicer note, neighbors visited bringing baked goods and warmth. That certainly eased the uneasy feeling one feels. Of course, this is what small business owner go through all the time…all the prep and investments made and no one walking in the door. Long ago, I decided I am not cut out for sales, running a business or bungee jumping.

Tomorrow is another day and this the path we have chosen to take…no cliffs in sight…just a very, long trail up and up…


2 thoughts on “Hmmm? Quiet on the Hoarding Cleanup Front

  1. Gloryannebee

    Bad juju should not have sale when the lead team member is out of commission. Hope she heals quickly. Sounds like you have nice neighbors.

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