After Sale Prep

Well it is no different than your local super market I spose. Inventory is already known and where it is stored. Assessments are made of the shelf space (tables in our case and a few shelfs) and the gaps are filled with pricing. That went on last night a good six hours after the sale closed at 5pm. 

Prior sorting of the boxes and remembering what stuff is staged here and there helps. Having a sense of pricing helps too. 

The weather calls for low 90’s today, which here, will hurt afternoon sales. Hopefully, many will head out early.

I put up and additional signs/arrows last night. Some had already been torn down. I had put them on poles that wouldn’t block views, annoy home owners or be subject to the sidewalk crowds near taverns/pubs. Could be just the foot traffic in certain areas. I replaced the signs but moved them to new locations.



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