First Day of Sale: Good Day


‘Business’ for the first day was good. Not great, but good. Last night while I was about 2/3’s through the sign-o-rama effort the stapler broke. No backup. I think I got most of the core signs up on the closer in routes. But, I definitely didn’t cover the area as usual. Also, in the dark, I thought I had all the signs but realized today that I had left a dozen of the better signs in the storage shed. Last night, I kept scratching my head at my limited options. It never occurred to me that I forgot signs back at the house. Sigh. 

Tonight, I have a new stapler, the forgotten signs and am waiting for the rush hour to thin out. I will put up the remaining signs and more bright arrows. Four days to go. The take on the sale today…no not the $$$…the assessment was that amazingly nice people passed through and enjoyed the contents and made their purchases to help in the effort.Thanks to all that showed early to get us off to a good start!



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